Presentation 6-12-2013

Fatimah Tobing Rony, The Third Eye: Race, Cinema, and Ethnographic Spectacle

Online Book

King Kong | 1933

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2009, Mudflap and Skids

Embody several Black American stereotypes for example they talk in ghetto speak one has gold tooth and they cant read.

Mercy Mercy by Katrine Rijs Kjær 

Mercy Mercy… is an international feature documentary film, on the subject of how much human suffering, both in first and third world countries, is produced when adoption has developed into an industry who’s focus is supplying the childless West, rather than fighting poverty and grief. We no longer just extract gold and minerals from Africa – also children have become a commodity on the market of family dreams.
The film challenges the West’s well-meaning attempt to help the third world through adoption. It exposes a global child and compassion industry, operating in the shadows.

Denmark family adopted Masho and Roba Ethiopian kids touching story

Q&A Mercy Mercy

Daniel Beaty “The Nerd vs. the Nigga! – Duality Duel”

Emergency.Part 7 “The Nerd vs. the Nigga! – Duality Duel”

Glenn Ligon: AMERICA

Malcolm X (Version 1) #1, 2000

Martin Luther King and Harriet Hubman in to school curriculum as they felt the history of African American was not being adequately taught at this time 1968 through mid1970s. There is a very interesting political agenda behind these colouring images. But if you give a kid a colouring book either they want to colour the book or they don’t, those adult agenda is irrelevant in this case. One example a five year old is doing a drawing of an image of Malcolm x and they give him pink lipstick and blue eye shadow which queering the father figure because they had no relationships. But looking at it as an adult we bring all the things we know about Malcolm x to that image which makes thins image scandals in someway. He was thinking about how slippery image are and how they mean different  thing over different moment. If these images of Malcolm X was issued in the 1968 its scandals but now Malcolm X is on a postage stamp issued by the government. It tells you how images and icons change over time.

To Disembark

Installation called To Disembark based on a salve narrative about Henery Box Brown1849. He was a save in a Tabaco factory in Richmond Virginia. He had an idea if he could get himself mailed from that factory to an anti-slavery society in the north he would be free. He found a white anti-slavery  carpenter who made this crate and put him inside of it and took it to the post office and mailed that carte to Philadelphia.

Glenn Ligon: AMERICA


Life as an immigrant Our Untold Stories Gloucestershire

Gloucester Archives

Gloucester Library


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